Eric Cadow

Full stack developer with an irrational love for JavaScript.

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Guild Education, Denver CO- Engineering Manager


Hotel Engine, Denver CO- Director of Engineering

MARCH 2016 - JULY 2019

Over the past 3 years I've progressed from Front End Engineer on a small team to my current Director role. I've worked to grow the team, improve the architecture, and scale the app as the company has grown its revenue by 1,500% and its user base by 3,100%.
  • Managed an in-place migration of our members app from Angular 1 to React without halting feature development.
  • Lead a re-implementation of I/O bound hotel search services from Rails to Node.js on AWS Lambda, reducing response time by 40% and hosting costs by $2,000 a month.
  • Mentored junior developers and grew department from one 5 person team to 3 separate product-focused teams.
  • Designed and developed RESTful APIs for integration with several partner booking platforms, adding a new low-overhead revenue stream.
  • Refactored "desktop" and "mobile" websites to a single responsive layout.
  • Built a React Native app as an alternative to the previous mobile website to improve the experience for traveling clients.
Node.js (Hapi, Express) / React / React Native / Jest / AngularJS / TypeScript / Postgres / Serverless / Heroku / AWS Lambda / CircleCI, Englewood CO- Software Engineer

JANUARY 2013 - MARCH 2016

I was responsible for development of the e-commerce website, related tools for merchandising & SEO, and supporting infrastructure.
  • Refactored from adaptive (mobile/tablet/desktop) rendering to a responsive design.
  • Integrated Cloudinary as a CDN to provide our design team flexibility in product image sizes.
  • Designed and implemented load balancing, blue/green deployments, and a split testing system using Ansible and Nginx.
  • Integrated AngularJS in key parts of the site to improve the experience of highly dynamic pages.
  • Designed and implemented a tagging system to replace the previous category tree to provide the SEO team more flexible routing and merchandising tools.
  • Lead a UI Development/JavaScript guild to help mentor developers and maintain best practices across multiple teams with varying specialties.
AngularJS / ASP.NET / MSSQL / Node.js (Hapi) / Jenkins / Ansible / Nginx

PRIDE Marketing & Procurement, Englewood CO- Systems Administrator

JULY 2012 - JANUARY 2013

Coface Collections NA, Metairie LA- Systems Administrator

MAY 2009 - JULY 2012